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The Beach Promenade of Pondicherry

5 min walk from Red Lotus is the long stretch of beach wich many local people and tourists use in the morning or evening to do excercises or just take a walk. At the weekend and on festival days the promenade is full of life and if you are lucky there are even concerts or dance festivals.

Le Café

Situated near the Gandhi Statue on the Beach Promenade it was the former port office until destroyed in 1952 by a cyclone. Restored as a 24-hour Government “French Café” you can now sit on the terrace with the view of the bay of Bengal.

The Sri Aurobindo Ashram and the Ashram Quater

It is one of India’s most famous Ashrams. Just 2 minutes walk from the Red Lotus you enter a part of Pondicherry’s Heritage town, that belongs entirely to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. The clean and silent streets invite for a stroll and in between beautiful French heritage buildings you can find small Ashram boutiques and hidden gardens. The Mother’s Samadhi invites for a silent moment in meditation.

The Ganesh temple

300 years old and situated just 2 minutes from the Red Lotus. The temple possesses an arrow in pure Gold. 40 different Ganeshes decorate the walls of this temple. Lakshmi the temple elephant is by the main doors, she blesses and takes change from all devotees and tourists!

Paradise beach [Boat house ]

This romantic beach is situated 8 km south of Pondicherry on the road to Cuddalore. You can reach the beach only by boat through a sweetwater lake, it almost feels like visiting an island.

Serenity Beach

2 km north of Pondicherry on the way to Auroville you find this dreamy little beach. It is ideal for a quick swim and a break from the town. Many foreigners who live in Pondicherry use this beach. There is even a surf school and a little café.


This Cosmic Village was founded in 1968 by the Mother to unite mankind. She was the muse and successor of Sri Aurobindo. It was created as a concept of mankind living in harmony with one another, thinking beyond religion, politics or nationality. This town with its futuristic designed houses and beautiful trees and gardens is situated 10 kilometers north of Pondicherry and is the home of nationals from more than 35 countries. You can take a stroll in the Botanical Garden, eat in one of many organic restaurants , buy souveniers in the visiting center and you can even enter into the famous Matri Mandir, if you reserve your tickets one day in advance. Auroville is a must when visiting Pondicherry

Ousteri Lake

Take a boat ride on this romantic lake near Pondicherry. If you are lucky you can spot pelicans and other rare wild animals around this famous bird sanctuary. There is also a water park with swimming pools and other attractions very close by.


This place is definitly worth a trip. Yoy can reach this ancient temple valley within 1 hour from Pondicherry. The rocky landscape with rice paddy fields , lakes and several deserted temples is breath taking. If you are ready for an adventure you can discover this wild landscape even with a Royal Enfield.

The possibilities to spend your days around Pondicherry are infinite. Thera are countless beaches, romantic villages, ancient temples and even a mangrove forrest near by. You can always ask us at the reception for things to do, places to eat or events in the city.

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